Young Toddler Classroom

Welcome to Mrs Jaclyn’s class
This classroom has a 5:1 ratio

toddler schedule

Important Notes:
-Bottles: If your child is still on a bottle, parents are required to bring prepared bottles on a daily basis.  Please label all bottles and lids. A refrigerator is available in the classroom for storage of bottles until use.  All bottles will be heated before serving. Bottles may be used up to 1 hour after heating; after that time left over milk will be disposed of and bottles rinsed before sending home.  If you would like leftover milk to remain in the bottle to be sent home please notify your teachers and the director. If off bottles and wanting to keep them on milk during the day, please pack sippy cups for snacks and/or lunch depending on the child’s requirement.


-Feeding Charts:  State requires a feeding chart to be completed every 30 days or any time changes are made to your child’s diet.  For convenience, forms are sent out at the beginning of every month.  You may find a copy of the feeding chart attached below.  When your child is ready for table food, will no longer be necessary.

-Supplies: We provide bibs, burp clothes, and sheets to each child.  If wanting to bring your own please make sure they are labeled so that they find their way back to the correct family.

– Extra changes of clothes are request for your child for life’s little mishaps.

-Diaper cubbies are provided for each child.  Your teachers will notify parents as they are running low on diapers or wipes.

– Sleeping arrangements: Each child is provided a pack n play at school. State mandates: that children sleep in a crib/pack n play until the child is able to walk, at which time they will be transitioned over to a mat provided by the school. Children over 12 months in age may sleep with a blanket or nap mat.  Please send either with your child on Mondays.

-Pacifiers: You may provide pacifiers for use while at school; if you choose to do so please make sure that your child’s pacifier is labeled.  Pacifiers may be used during sleeping time only. Pacifiers will not be available to a child that is mobile outside of this time frame to prevent injury to gums and/or teeth.