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Healthy Body, Soul, and Mind

Student and Family friendly Environment

Faith Academy seeks to support families by providing a safe and secure educational atmosphere and environment where children can develop physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. This Christ-centered environment will encourage children to explore the world through interaction with teachers, assistants, classmates, age-appropriate curriculum and hands-on activities allowing children to reach their maximum potential and succeed in a purposeful life.

Smaller Classrooms with Teacher and Student Lead Activities

At Faith Academy we rotate classes with the school year. Students must be of age on or before September 1st. The needs of your child will be taken into consideration when placing your child in a specific class. If for some reason the class placement is not beneficial to your child after the first 2 months of placement, the Faith Academy director and teachers will reevaluate class placement.

Building Strong Relationships

Communication is Key! Our staff is passionate about forming strong relationships with both students and parents to provide the best experience for your family. “The Informer” is sent out each Friday to serve as a reminder of things that are coming up the next week or to notify parents of any changes that have or will be taking place in regards to normal operations and schedules. Please see our other tabs under programming to see what is going on around Faith Academy.

Staff, Training, and Development

Faith Academy early childhood teachers are passionate about providing an environment that cultivates healthy bodies, souls, and minds. This is more than a job for our teachers. It’s an opportunity for them to share their passion with children while they grow, explore, and learn.

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Read the reviews of some of our Customers.

We ring the doorbell every morning and Landry peers through the window. I can always tell which teacher it is coming to the door by her reaction! If its Miss Alice she wiggles and squeals in delight. If its Miss Tamara she giggles and squiggles. Miss Kathleen gets big grin and a wave. Every morning starts laughter and love. What more could you want than your two year being excited to go to "school" everyday! Since starting at Faith Academy Landry has learned so much! She can tell you her colors and organize them so professionally! She can tell you where Jesus is, and that she needs to go potty! Her level of speech has gone from a couple of words to full blown sentences! She has learned a love for reading that only a mother could wish for! There are so many things I do not want to sound like I am bragging about my amazing little girl! The classrooms are always organized and filled with children not just playing but learning. That's why we call it "school" at our house. Its not daycare its a learning center that is enriching my child's life. The cleanliness is impressive to say the least! I only have two children and my house is never "that clean"! One of my fears about switching from family caring for Landry to Faith Academy was the fear of her getting sick. Well, that was an empty fear. She has not gotten sick since the day she started! They wash hands so often and keep things just so. Every afternoon when I come to pick her up, Landry is absorbed in some kind of activity! Playing outside with the sweet Miss Angie, reading in the classroom with Miss Andrea, or feeding Carlos the pet fish with Miss Robin. We LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the staff at Faith Academy and feel blessed that God lead us to the place we leave our daughter everyday. She is growing and thriving here! I have recommended and will continue to recommend Faith Academy to everyone I know!

Landry's Mom

To future Faith Academy fans! I cannot say enough good things about this home away from home for my 2 year old child. As a new first time mother it was challenging for me to know whether or not to stay home with my child or take her to daycare. I tried out another daycare in Weatherford and while it was okay, I never felt it was quite the best for my daughter. I never felt quite at peace with being a working mother until I took her to Faith Academy. The caregivers here are just that…. Care – givers. They are compassionate, professional, diligent, and fun! They provide very healthy snacks and breakfast. They offer the option to have the child’s teeth brushed after lunch and before a nap. The teachers make sure the children wash their hands on a regular basis, too. They pray, sing songs of praise, and learn about Jesus Christ’s love every day. My two year old daughter has made so much progress with potty training while she is there because they are diligent about giving her the opportunity to learn to do so and they make it fun using lots of praise when she does it correctly! While she has been attending Faith Academy, she has learned to recognize most if not all of her alphabet letters by sight, her colors and shapes, and she can count past 30. She is also learning songs that spell out the letters of each color. I appreciate so much that while she is there she is not just being watched but she is learning so many skills, healthy habits, and most of all she is learning about Christ’s love for us. I cannot imagine a better day care environment than Faith Academy. I’m a huge fan!

Jill B.

It is with great enthusiasm that my husband and I recommend Faith Academy to anyone seeking a quality childcare center. Not only does Faith Academy provide a safe and caring environment for our child, they are also highly dedicated educators. Our daughter is enrolled full-time, so we decided it would be best to place her in a Pre-K program that would prepare her with basic skills necessary for her academic future. Faith Academy offers a faith-based curriculum that is age appropriate and fun, yet educational. Faith Academy provides ongoing individual developmental assessments of the students and works with the parents to identify goals to ensure the curriculum is developmentally appropriate. In addition to “school work” my daughter gets to explore and show off her creativity with science projects and crafts. I look forward to opening my daughter’s folder each day to see the amazing masterpieces she and I are so proud to put on display! I have no doubt that my daughter is receiving the highest quality education for her age. Faith Academy employs highly qualified individuals who are either accredited teachers and/or have a special place in their heart for children. The teachers are competent and genuinely care about each child. We have personally met each of the staff members and are always greeted with a smile. Our daughter willingly participates in activities, she interacts with other teachers and students, and she is not intimidated by her environment. She looks forward to “school” and it makes us happy to know she is always in the best-of-hands. I can say with confidence that Faith Academy has the best staff!! There is zero employee turnover and my daughter’s teachers have been the same since day one! I’m most familiar with Ms. Angela and Ms. Alice and I highly recommend them; although, ALL the teachers, whether full- or part-time, are exceptional. Faith Academy provides its staff with resources necessary to do their designated jobs; which, provides a high level of job satisfaction that indirectly transcends down to how they relate with the kids. It is obvious that Faith Academy cares about its team of great employees, who in turn care about the kids. Faith Academy prides itself on communication, which is both promised and delivered. We are very impressed with the amount of communication, both in person and in newsletters that we receive on a weekly basis. It is refreshing to be “in the loop” and apprised of daily happenings, upcoming events, etc. Additionally, a weekly newsletter is sent to parents with “at a glance” information for the coming week…. a must-have for the busy household that can only tackle a week at a time. Removing our daughter from a previous daycare facility was not an easy decision for us and we were honestly not sure what to expect from Faith Academy. We were specifically concerned about having to pack my daughter’s lunch every day and how this would affect our budget and routine at home. With all honesty, it is not a big deal at all. Since, Faith Academy is all about natural and wholesome, I decided to incorporate more of that into my daughter’s lunches. Turns out my daughter LOVES CELERY and carrots….a huge bonus we were not expecting. I am not lying when I say my daughter will request fruit/veggies for dessert when she would normally have chosen a “sweet.” The impact this has had on my daughter is just amazing and I am so proud of her for making good food choices….not to mention, eternally grateful to Faith Academy for their efforts to provide good choices. In a world where it is easier to be convenient and artificial, Faith Academy believes so strongly about its mission to provide preservative-free food choices that it goes without saying just how much they feel about each child’s wellbeing. Without a doubt we made the best decision to move our daughter here, where she can continue to grow and flourish in a nurturing environment.

Respectfully K-