Faith Academy early childhood teachers are passionate about providing an environment that cultivates healthy bodies, souls, and minds.  This is more than a job for our teachers. It’s an opportunity for them to share their passion with children while they grow, explore, and learn.

In our course to provide quality care and education to students, Faith Academy teachers go beyond training requirements set forth by the state. Faith Academy teachers receive training on a variety of child development topics on a weekly basis. Many of these materials are available to you through our Parent Resources Page. Our in depth training allows teachers to focus on individual learning styles and the needs of each child at Faith Academy.

See what our Parents have to say about our program.

  • 3 year old Parent–  These are the types of things I love that _____ is learning. Thank you Guys so Much!!!
  • 3 year old Parent–Thank you so much for the picture of our ______! She’s already picking up on your daily lessons, as she kept saying “Deuteronomy” last night. I love it!
  • 2 year old Parent- I appreciate that I found a center that loves her physically and Spiritually.
  • 2 year old Parent– We are so happy here. She gets up ready to go to school each day.
  • A letter from a 2 year old Parent–A. 2 year old parent
  • A Letter from a Toddler Parent–A toddler parent
  • A Letter from a 3 year old Parent–Respectfully -K
  • A Letter from a Parent–The M Family