Parent Resources

The staff at Faith Academy are passionate about the development of your child. Each month the staff at Faith Academy are given a new topic from the Director’s Desk series. These newsletters contain information on minimum standards, information on what the experts are saying, and the policies that Faith Academy employees follow every day. To increase communication, each topic will be made available to you.

Sanitation and Health Practices
Why Does My Child Have A Hard Time Leaving School?
Release of Children
The scoop on Center Time
Parent Provider Partnership
There’s no Time for Time Out
To Go or Not to Go
What’s What in the World of Naps
May- Swimming and Water Play

Science Tid Bits and Topics

Exploring things is a large part of a child’s day and is science at its simplest form.  Exploring how things look, feel, smell, taste, and function help us learn about everyday objects.  The kids enjoy daily hands on science lessons.

The Secret Life of Trees
Do your ears hang low
One Potato Two Potato
Banana Facts for Kids
The Sour Truth about Lemons
Elephant Fun

Programing Topics and Activity details

Each month we offer new specialty classes for the kids to participate in. Find out more about our programming in the links below

September is Science Month Program fee $ 15

Field trip to the Fort Worth Science Museum

October Martial Arts
November Dance
December Volunteering
February Music Lessons
March Sign Language
April Farm to Fiber