Family Fun

Kid Connect

Once a month we host a Kid Connect program where parents get to partner with their kids in making crafts during afternoon pick up hours.  All supplies are provided all you have to do is come have fun with your student. This program allows time for the children to show parents around kid connect websiteand spend time in the place that is special to them. It also allows time for parents to connect with teachers at the school.



Family Fun Challenges

  1. In the newsletter each month we will introduce a new activity that is family friendly.
  2. Pick up your family’s basic supplies from the office the first week and work on your project as a family during the month.- Send us selfies so that we can see all the fun.
  3. Return your family’s completed project by the due date at the end of the month.
  4. Family challenge will take place the last week of the month- join us if you can or watch a Live feed of all the action.

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