Pre K 3 and 4

This class is made up of older Pre K 3 children and Pre K 4 students.
This classroom has a 9:1 ratio.

This class will be using the A Beka curriculum.

Pre K 3 and 4 schedule

pre k 3 4 science art center

pre k 3 4 math and blockpre 3 4 reading center



– This is dual curriculum classroom. Pre K 3 students receive different table activities than our Pre K 4 students in this classroom.

– This is a potty trained classroom.

-A locker is assigned to each child for storage of backpacks, changes of clothes, as well as homework folders. Please check homework slots on a daily basis for the days art and activity sheets. A refrigerator is available in the kitchen for the storage of students lunchboxes.

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