Pre K 1 and 2

This classroom is made up of older Pre K 1 students and younger Pre K 2 students.
This classroom has a 9:1 ratio.

Pre K 1 & 2 schedule

Matthew 9:37  Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.



– This is dual curriculum classroom.  Pre K 1 students receive different table activities than our Pre K 2 students in this classroom.

– This is a potty training classroom. Diapers are checked hourly and changed as needed in between.  Each student is assigned a diaper cubby in the bathroom for diapers and wipes.  Teachers and assistants will notify each parent as their child runs low on supplies. As your child is ready for potty training, please let us know how we can assist.

-A locker is assigned to each child for storage of backpacks, changes of clothes, as well as homework folders. Please check homework slots on a daily basis for the days art and activity sheets. A refrigerator is available in the kitchen for the storage of students lunchboxes.

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