Meet the Teachers

Faith Academy early childhood teachers are passionate about providing an environment that cultivates healthy bodies, souls, and minds.  This is more than a job for our teachers. It’s an opportunity for them to share their passion with children while they grow, explore, and learn.

In our course to provide quality care and education to students, Faith Academy teachers go beyond training requirements set forth by the state. Faith Academy teachers receive training on a variety of child development topics on a weekly basis. Many of these materials are available to you through our Professional Development tab. Our in-depth training allows teachers to focus on individual learning styles and the needs of each child at Faith Academy

Faith Academy teachers want to form a strong partnership with your family to create the best possible experience for your child.

Kathleen Simmons-Pastor/Director Assistant – Early in life Kathleen was filled with compassion for children with disabilities both learning and physical. As this compassion grew, early in ministry God showed Kathleen the need for someone to teach His children when the parents were not able to. With two small children herself, He wanted Kathleen to be one of those people. Traveling with her husband David as evangelists on the rodeo circuit, Kathleen and David did church at events and started children’s ministry on the road wherever they would go. As they started building church’s across the United States and Africa, Kathleen saw God take this desire to love kids and help those whose parents were not available go to a whole new level. While attending Bible School, Kathleen remembered speakers talk about the importance of day cares and kept that thought filed away in her heart. In 2013, Kathleen saw that thought come to reality with Faith Academy.

Tamara-Director- Following in her Grandmother’s footsteps Tamara had a passion for childhood education at an early age. She started her teaching career in middle school when she wrote a proposal to teach a series of courses through her school’s Family and Consumer Science elective courses. Tamara graduated from New Mexico State University in 2006 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Upon graduation Tamara worked for New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service as a 4-H Youth Development Home Economist. Responsible for curriculum and kids ages 5 years old to 19, her passion for childhood education grew. Upon graduation with her Masters of Arts in Agriculture and Extension Education in 2009, Tamara moved to Texas and began volunteering for the church’s Kings Kids program. Tamara began her child care career in 2011 and sees a bright future ahead; she has patience and loves all children as a group yet recognizes and appreciates each child for their unique qualities.

Mrs Irma is a mother of 2 girls- Ashley and Katherine and has been married for 21 years. She is involved with their daughter’s activities from 4-H, FFA, and Youth Group at church. Mrs. Irma is also a Teacher’s Assistant with our church.  She was born and raised in San Antonio. Her fun and engaging personality will have your little one giggling with delight. Between with airplane and back stroke, muscle development in her class is always a success.


Hi my name is Ms. Esther, I grew up in Mexico where my parents were missionaries.  We worked in different churches and in children’s homes. I was home schooled growing up and have started pursuing my education at Weatherford College in Child Development.  Ms Esther is full of patience  and works hard in providing them an environment where they can grow and learn even in the little things.


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